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Tips for Buying the Right Hoverboard
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Modern hoverboards are the newest hip trend. They work like segways, but without handlebars. Riders can simply lean forward or backward to move in the direction of their choice and tilt their feet down to turn.

Because they are still relatively new to the market, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly what to look for in a hoverboard. This article lays out a few helpful tips from current owners to ensure that readers can find a model that meets their needs.

Determine a Budget

Despite the fact that these products are still relatively new to the market, there are still many different models available. An inexpensive hoverboard can cost less than $200, while a top-end model may cost closer to $1k. Try to determine a budget in advance, keeping in mind that as with most purchases, consumers will get what they pay for and the more expensive models typically come with extra features and last much longer.

Look for Sales

The best way to get a high-quality hoverboard for less is to look for sales online. Many models feature everything from larger wheels to Bluetooth connectivity, which makes them more expensive but also makes them safer and more fun to ride. Check out to look at a few higher-end models that are up for sale on their website to find out about some of the unique features that are available.

Take the Rider's Size Into Account

Some hoverboards have height and weight restrictions, so readers who are purchasing these hot items as gifts should be sure to have a general idea of their recipients' size. A hoverboard that is designed for a child or a small adult will usually be less powerful and feature smaller footpads and even smaller wheels. If a rider exceeds the height or weight restrictions, it can place them at increased risk of injury and damage the motor, so don't ignore this tip.

Think About Intended Use

A hoverboard that is designed for use exclusively on sidewalks and other paved surfaces will usually feature smaller wheels than those designed for rougher terrains. Off-road models typically feature wheels ranging from 8.5 to 12 inches. These provide extra clearance and feature more aggressive tread but tend to be heavier and to cost a bit more.

Look at Options

There are so many options available that it's possible to find a hoverboard that will perfectly match the buyer or gift recipient's unique style, so see what's available and read some reviews before making a purchase. Readers can see for more information to get them started

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